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To use voice servers in our infrastructure, we recommend installing client 3.1.5 Or if you do not want to, become a VIP.
We do not guarantee correct operation for other client versions.

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VIP #1 (€5):

  • Ad-free - No FreeTS3 adverts on your teamspeak
    A control panel to administrate your server (Note: Be careful who you give access to this).
    UP TO 512 slots
    Use icon's on you server
    Custom you DNSName on you webpanel
    A Real Admin Server Query

    Remove The Warning Message (Invalid license)

Only By Contact Support :

If you buy for 3 months €15, you have 1 month free.

€5 = $5.26 USD €5 = £4.09 GBP
For renewal VIP use the same procedure, (If you renew for 3 months, you have 1 month free)

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